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Great minds work together

Platforma is the space for work, ideas and creativity. 8 000 square meters, 264 companies, 24/7.
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Different yet Equal
Platforma spaces differ not only by their location. Some of them are geared towards business needs, others are best suited for creativity and inspiration, yet all of them are equally comfortable.
In Place
Everyone will find a convenient space in Platforma. Freelancers like the lounge zone, startups prefer the open space. No matter the size of your team, we'll get the perfect individual office for you.
Open space
All here
Platforma hosts educational programs, meetings with creative community leaders and dozens of other events every week. We're engaged in constant self-improvement, read a lot and share with others whatever we find useful.
with platforma
Coworking Platforma works 24/7 in Kyiv. Platforma Leonardo in the city center and Platforma Art-Zavod on the left bank. Send your proposal with the subject of the letter "Cooperation" to the specified e-mail address or use the feedback form!