Everyone will find out about your business: Community Talks from Coworking Platforma

Community Talks is a new format for coworking residents to communicate with their target audience while helping Coworking Platforma clients grow their businesses. It emerged during quarantine when offline events became off-limits, and today it is one of the key advantages of coworking spaces and is a popular event for networking.


How does 'Community Talks' work?


The platform provides support to its residents during quarantine in the form of training webinars. For coworking, it is a great opportunity to strengthen and grow the community, and for speakers — to professionally present themselves and their services.


The quarantine will not interfere with the professional growth and advancement of our favourite businesses. It is time to seek non-standard solutions and uncover new formats of interaction with the audience. With Community Talks, every resident has the opportunity to share experiences, useful tips, personal and business life hacks that can be useful to other companies and agencies. More than 20,000 Coworking Platforma subscribers will learn insights about your business online!


The coworking team is fully involved in the organization of the event: social networks, design development, event ads, target audience reach, as well as recorded webinars that residents further access for personal use.


This can be one webinar or a series of presentations lasting 30-40 minutes. The broadcast itself takes place in the format of stories on Coworking Platforma's Instagram channel.


To date, more than 20 speakers have spoken at Community Talks. And it is just the beginning!


If you are a resident of Coworking Platforma — do not hesitate, fill out the form and get ready for the online presentation: https://bit.ly/327IqkH