9 1/2 weeks in Coworking: Experience of HDFashion

Today, many companies experience a pandemic-related crisis and each one of them
lives through this time of turbulence in its own way. Some of them slow down and
work in a power-saving mode, others stop the business, and there are those who are
still active. 

CODID-19 forced companies to review their attitude to the working space and think
of more convenient and beneficial variants so that a business could adapt to
unpredictable changes as quickly as possible. That’s what HDfashion did. Here’s
how it has fulfilled its vision together with Coworking Platforma.



Coworking culture in Ukraine is rapidly developing. It is a rather young business:
Coworking Platforma pioneered this niche in 2015. When the first coworking was
opened in Art-zavod Platforma, nobody believed that it would pan out. But
companies do need a comfortable office which can be quickly adjusted to the team’s
size and needs. You don’t have to look for reception and security employees, worry
about redecorating your office or fixing your air conditioner, or purchasing office
equipment, coffee, tea etc. By paying a monthly fee, coworking residents save
themselves from any troubles that one has to deal with when leasing the premises
for an office.

“It’s very important and valuable that the coworking team is open, flexible and innovative. They adjust to your needs. And because of that, you can forget about all kinds of problems.”
Autor: Walid Harfouch, President of HDFASHION LifeStyle TV channel and Vice-President of Euronews

Eclectic design, brave interior solutions and innovation of Coworking Platforma
struck a chord with HDfashion’s team. One single space enables to do both: be
creative and solve everyday issues. 

Another undeniable advantage of coworking for HDfashion is 24/7 service and
round-the-clock security. You can organize a filming any time you want just by
dropping off at the cowoking and taking the equipment you need, even late at night.

“It’s much better to be in the place where you can meet like-minded people. The coworking in Podil district is my favorite location. The historical part of Kyiv inspires me. It is widely believed that mostly small teams or separate individuals choose coworking. But the thing that I like about Coworking Platforma is that it’s a place for large companies.”
Autor: Walid Harfouch

Mostly IT-companies used coworking earlier. Depending on a project, their teams
could become bigger or smaller and their requirements to the working spaces
changed accordingly. Today, other businesses have also appreciated the
advantages of coworking: from the product development companies to consulting and fashion industries. They understand how many financial and administrative
troubles the coworking system saves them from.

“The client profile has dramatically changed since the start of COVID-19 pandemic. Many corporations are interested in our services today. I mean offices for more than 100 people who look at coworking quite differently and view it as a profitable solution for their business.”
Autor: Refael Yucha, cofounder of Coworking Platforma

Coworking Platforma offers a unique service for big companies called Headquarters
which allows a team to customize an office. You can have your own meeting rooms,
kitchens, lounge zones and even reception — you can move in already in a week
after confirming the layout of a new office. 

It’s up to a resident to choose a place to work in: in the office or the lounge zone, on
the roof or at the bar. You can relax and play a game of billiards or foosball in the
game room. Every day, there are different activities for residents (yoga, workshops,
networking) which are great motivators. These are basically everyday teambuilding
events organized for a huge community.

“Our residents come from different spheres. It can be finance, software and product development, fashion, digital agencies and so on. Even though their origins may differ, they share the same values, and one of them is that they appreciate the things they get from the environment they are part of: cooperation, networking, creativeness.”
Autor: Refael Yucha

The mix of coworking synergy is a win-win deal, because small companies can
cooperate with large ones, big businesses can unite and create a joint project. This
is the place for meeting like-minded, creative, open and innovative people. And the
fact that they gather in one place helps them develop both as a team and

“Being a resident of Coworking Platforma is like being a club member. You don’t have a feeling that you come to work. Clients and partners want to arrange business meetings in the place like this. Time is money. One day you come and get a workspace for yourself, next day you start working in your personal office.”
Autor: Walid Harfouch