Why Сoworking Platforma:


➤ The coworking space we are creating combines comfort and design and provides IDEAL WORKING ENVIRONMENT.

➤ The services we are offering will help YOUR BUSINESS THRIVE AND DEVELOP MORE RAPIDLY.

➤ The lectures and workshops we organize will, on daily basis, provide you with new knowledge and help you BECOME THE BEST IN YOUR FIELD.

➤ We care about your health: combine leisure and sport activities for the UTMOST PRODUCTIVITY.

➤ Ultimately, we are creating a community of SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE.


Ideal working environment:

Working in a modern, comfortable and cutting edge designed office will help you think more creatively. The interior and creative atmoshpere of the coworking space will help you succeed in everything you do and find new ways of solving your day-to-day problems.

The nature of coworking is flexible. Planning to expand your staff? We can offer you various kinds of accommodation to help you expand at your most comfortable pace and reduce your costs by not having to pay for the space you are not using.

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  • Open 24/7
  • Business lounge and chill-out areas
  • Library (where you can read or listen to music)
  • Meeting rooms are available at all times
  • Shower
  • Recreation area and game room you can use during breaks
  • Parking for cars and bicycles
  • Fine tea, coffee, buscuits and unlimited supply of beer
  • Skype booths for private calls



When you are surrounded by people who inspire you, it's easy to experience a boost of fresh ideas. Our workspace is a living lab, where you can test your new ideas, get feedback and some advice from professionals in other fields or come up with unxepcted solutions

  • Networking
  • Comfortable lounge areas for leisure, work and socializing
  • A chance to find new friends and like-minded people, establish contact with new partners and clients
  • Weekly happy hours for new residents to socialize
  • Living lab where you can test your new ideas
  • Get advice from professionals in your field


Our partners:

You won't have to worry about purchasing office facilities or appliances or hiring the staff to coordinate the administrative processes. Our workspace has been equipped with everything you may need, from tea and coffee machines in the kitchen to state-of-the-art appliances in meeting rooms that will help you fully concentrate on realization of your projects.

People from more than 50 companies have chosen Platform as their workspace. They can also become your business partners. Together we are creating a vast eco-system, which will help you develop your own business and save money at the same time. We cooperate with professionals in various fields: law, IT, marketing, finance, education and lifestyle.

  • Free admission to events
  • Special terms
  • Unique opportunities for cooperation
  • Unique offers on software
  • Unique offers on software

Save with us

Price includes

Comparative annual office expenditure

*per person, prices as of 2016


Platform - the coworking space


Regular office

  • equipped meeting rooms
  • kitchen
  • lounge areas
  • all utilities (electricity, heating, water)
  • internet
  • IT-support
  • printing zone
  • office administration
  • cleaning
  • tea, coffee, water
  • reception service



We offer you an opportunity to study, grow and reinvent yourself within the workspace, complete with a lecture hall (the art factory) that can accommodate up to 70 people. Another lecture hall is located at the Leonardo Business Centre and accommodates up to 120 persons. Our clients can participate in education programs or attend workshops on marketing, IT, self-growth, etc. for free or at a good discount!

In our workspace you can aways put the working process on hold and enjoy a break. Choose leisurely activities to your liking: table tennis, football or computer games. You can listen to old records or read a book in a cozy library. Or you can relax during a massage session or attend English classes, or begin your life anew with a session of yoga. This is your life, so savour this moment and enjoy each new day!